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Spy film, released in 1942 by Universal Studios, directed by the already famous Alfred Hitchcock, where in that moment the people just talked about him in this way, if Hitchcock directs, it is a Hitchcock picture.
A man who works in an airplane factory, his name, Barry Kane interpreted by the actor Robert Cummings, and Norman Lloyd who, came from Broadway as the character of Frank Fry, and Priscilla Lane, as Patricia Martin; and in the other hand, Hitchcock included his common characters, this time was a group of circus freaks, a saboteur whose young son is used to break his toys, and a monstrous buller really inmersed in the blackjack, and the first scene in the airplane factory, with the workers, a letter dropped, suddenly, alarm, God came into their eyes, fire, a scene that showed the smoke and after in full shot, the flames.
Barry Kane, where were you when fire started is what they asked him already in time investigation, there is when he started his road, the two detectives want to arrest him, the who started the fire; this is not an action movie, it is a Hitchcock’s one, although it seems to; for example, between the part of an action film, that we know it is not, we see the motorcycle policeman who appeared in the road of the Kane car and then, we they left, the police man recieved a notification, we are looking for this guy, his name Barry Kane, and after this, he just ride his vehicle and turned back to his road, so that, is suspense also, if he had discovered him another end we might have seen.
On the radio, after, If you see Barry Kane, report him; inmediatly, he tried to continues his scape with a horse, an image that tried to get the western theme into a scene in this suspense movie, the police captured him and in the middle of the road to the jail there is car that block to other side, they are fixing his vechicle, and there is when he evaded captors, it was a bridge and in the bottom the water, he jumped, he scaped and the arrived to the house of a blind man, Barry has the manacles and he will continues this story with the niece of the blind old man, and here the movie became a fact where Shakespeare’s drama is present, but with the following action, to call or not to call the police.
Takeoff, in real life it was the US, official first contribution to the war time and here is a clue, David Selznick was the producer and he really did not want to work with Hitchcock,so the war was being represented not only in the place of battle but if this was a propaganda film, the director and the producer interpreted this role, but not as complete enemies, it was a war in how to opperate this political content, for example, Hitchcock said that the main actor Roberto Cummings did not have the personality required, and if Hitchock began the story in 1941, the production decided, now we can understand who was the production, not only the same David Selznick, modified the content in the filming time so that the film could get to the point; they knew that Hitchcock could give them secuences that only he knows how to create it, but they really wanted to send a message that it was a propaganda movie, so problem broken up.
Evidence of what Hitchcock can do is the famous sequence of the Statue of Liberty at the end of the film, something that everyone was expecting from this director, his personal signature in the road, instead of showing his typical mark about a man accused of a crime he did not commit, and forced to go on the run to prove his innocence, why now, because it was proved already, and it worked before; in the other hand, talking about the story, there is a part where the dialogue says, I am afraid we are not behaving very well, Pat said, and Barry responds, What is the difference, we were not invited anyway, so, who understand this, is the perfect example of what this movie was.
Universal was the studio, and a true New Yorker the cowriter, Dorothy Parker, who started his career writting for Vanity Fair, and after she moved to California and worked as a freelance for various movie studios; before Saboteur she worked with Selznick in the movie A star is born, and now with this new film, Hitchcock and Parker together Hollywood can say that has a movie with the two best of their roles, suspence director and film writer together, so, this movie is under the influence of this particular pair, guru.
Really, you have been invited to the war, no invitation before, no movie, and something was a true story more than the own movie, the star was Hitchcock as the the suspence director, Universal knew it and he made teh deal, David and Parker the assistant, Hitchcock is going to work with us; Did you know that this statue was brought by the french, Pat said, and then, Look overthere, they are comming for you, at the end, a respectable man falls, broken clothes.


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Universal Studios opened in 1915 and they are located in California, originally a ranch in North Hollywood in Universal City, besides the admission price of 25 cents, they practiced filming in front of an audience, the day of the opening was March 15, the founder was Carl Laemmle and it was the first public contact from the studios for everybody, terrific.
Numerous famous films came from Universal since the beggining, for example Dracula or Frankenstein and from Universal came the Star System; and Carl Laemmle without be concient of what he was doing, later he was one of the founders of what in the future became Hollywood, development, hi.
In the second generation, already with his son Carl Junior as the main, basic classics in the industry arrived as King of Jazz in 1930 knew as the first color movie made by John Murray, this one won the Oscar for Best artistic direction by Herman Rosse, in the third edition of Oscars, a november 5, 1930, Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles; this Hotel closed in january 2, 1989, without question.
Victory also in that third edition, All quiet on the western front, won Best movie and best director, who was Lewis Milestone, later in 1931 was the moment of horror movies, Frankenstein and Dracula and that decade meant at the end a heavy period for the company until 1950 arrived when the MCA signed an agreement with Universal and Winchester 73 was the film with the big star James Stewart, optic.
Early in the sixties, after a new structure, already with MCA, they had movie of 90 minutes so that they can include it in the tv; so it was a new period, a really good one for the company and the came the seventies, the begining of a big success for Univesal, not a mini.
Records came with a man, Steven Spielberg, the Jaws movie in 1975 a prelude of ET in eighties and a director who represents the top of Hollywood but someone who after his big success of a killer shark he terrified the industry with a next movie without success and after he decided to talk about an alien who flies in a bycicle, something that many believed it might be a new failure but it was not and in a modern era ET from 1982 is considered as a classic and one of the most success ever, for Universal it was the hit of the era, top.
Seriously, the moment of success for Universal came from that James Stewart period who is tha warm part of the studios seen a home for actors, as they are proffesionals, they work in a great place and are stars, thanks tuv first and after came the cable.
After this there is nothing more, Universal went to General Electric, Seagram or Vivendi and now is specifically a cable company, Comcast the owner, eh.
Line by line, Universal is a founder of this industry, first when that man made a ranch a place to visit for 25 cents where you can see when the movie is, absolutely live, so this is all in this special, for the moment.


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Before explaining about the life of Bob Gale the one who wrote the script of Back to the future, who should take a look at a pair of points, first, the movie, altough is top culture film ever, was made also to introduce, literally new products in the customers, as buying a movie via cable or buying a movie in VHS and second, that the predictions are, in second way, a consecuence of new technology and what they did want was to sell this new products that they were ready to put in the market, maybe that’s why Steven Spielberg was just the producer and there is when it comes the part of this article, Bob Gale the writer of this movie that at the begining, did not go to future, it went to the past, november 12 of 1955.
Obviously here is what we put as the important fact, if they would have wanted to predict something, they directly would have talked about, for example the future, but they did not want to, initially they used a car, it was not something extravagant knew as a time machine, it was a mathematic problem always, something tangible, 1.21 Gygawatts and plutonium, or if you do not have it, a lightining bolt instead of, but where is the prediction, there is not, it does not exist, it was just what a movie from Hollywood must be so that you can have the millions of dollars that it collected, 381, the DeLorean DMC 12.
Bob Gale was related since the begining to Spielberg, Gale was friend of the director of Back to the future, Robert Zemeckis, and both met already Spielberg, so when they planed the movie, they knew what they had to do for; so the writer was born on may 25, 1951 in University City, state of Missouri, he studied in the University of Southern California, in order to know what we are talking about, from this university the next people graduated, Neil Armstrong the first man who arrived to the moon, an astronaut, Flea the bass player of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Phil Hill, the only Formula 1 american driver who have won a championship from Ferrari in 1961, cool stuff, early.
Group, them, Spielberg, Zemeckis and Gale worked together in the movie 1941, one of the less successful movies from Spielberg, it came after the big success Jaws from hil also; so in Back to the future, Zemeckis was the director and Gale wrote the script, same that was inspired in a trip from his home in Los Angeles to his parents house in Saint Louis, the rock song in the movie is from a popular rock and roll artist from that place, Chuck Berry, in the part of Johnny B Goode, when he started College, Gale chose engineering at Tulane University but after one semester he left because of he wanted to write motion pictures, the cinema.
After college they worked together one as director and other as writer, the movies were I wanna hold your hand and the Used cars, not really famous, just both part of their young career in movies, and before filming their best success, Back to the future, Zemeckis went to Colombia to make Romancing the stone and his school friend went to tv for a show similar to the movie Used cars; after when they decided to film the second part of the movie, they did not have what the story was going to be, so from the letters of the fans Gale began to write the next part, and also is in this movie when a scene shows that the Chicago Cubs won their first World Series and that Donald Trump is going to be, the politic of the US, so, originally they made the story from a travel to the past, and after we can see that it happens, maybe because of the influence of those letters, but, it was different, totaly, from the concept of the first Back to the future, boom.
Lightining bolt with the DeLorean, and after a train machine time travel where in this second vehicle the doc found her love and he saves, again, in the same situation of suspence Martin this time thanks to her future wife and thanks to the Hoverboard that Marty sent to the doc when they needed more power; this vehicles in future just lost the contact with the earth, the DeLorean after will be able to fly and also the train time travel machine, as a fact the last two parts were a success but they did not sell same as first, consideration.
Elected, Moshe in Sinai went to the mountain alone, he was not with all of his people, he returned with the word of the Lord, the same in movie, Marty did not travel together, he is alone in traveling; this is what you have to do the Lord said, if you do it, you will be at the land I promise and your people is the one I choose, so Moshe came to his people to tell them, this is what the Lord said, When MArty returns to a world that is a little bit better than the one that he left, it is because he gave his father good advice, and his father takes it, and jis father rises to the occasio and successfully become a man, Marty’s actions have made a better world, Moshe did not imagine that he will open the sea but God sent him to Pharoh, this is what God tell you, leave my people or the bad will came to you, an advice, too.


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A peek to the iconic bully, Thomas Wilson, @Comcast


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The moment in time when Marty Mcfly travelled to the future was 2015, he came from 1985 and also he has been in the past in 1955, these periods are the modern time, they are conected for elements as technology that in the XIX centurty did not exist yet, for example, a car or a electric guitar, but specifically in these first, a character was crucial inside what Marty and Doc Brown wanted to do and they were inmersed in troubles, big troubles so they had to fight, literally with a constant, Biff Tannel who is presented in the movie as the bully guy, then if they had to know a previos idea of time travel facts, also they just realized that they needed a previous bully preparation.
He himself in real life, the bad one in Back to the future revealed in interview that in his childhood, being a thin and sickly guy he was just part of prey of bullies who pushed him around and beaten him up throughout those kid days, so he was not that big bad man showed in the movie, now he did grow up, and simply it was not the same than before.
On april 15, 1959 he was born in Philadelphia, his name is Thomas Wilson, he studied International polytics in at Arizona State University, then moved to New York to study dramatic arts in the American Academy, it it was in that city when his actor career began as a comedian; after that he left for Los Angeles in 1980 where he appeared in two tv shows, Knight Rider and The facts of life.
More than a previous fact before he was enrolled in the Back to the future elenc, that appearence in one this this tv shows was a key to what for him came after, Knight Rider was realed not with the literal translation in other countries, what I meant is, that show was named in Mexico as, the incredible car, you can take a look at the link 2 at the end of this article; in that serie the main character called Michael Night a man who fight for the poor people, he looked for the justice and he had a high advaced car, the famous one with the name of KITT, that means Knight Industries Two Thousand, and by the way, the brand car was Pontiac, model Firebird Trans Am v8, basically, it was the David Hasselhoff way to the fame, significant.
A waiter was the character of Thomas Wilson in Knight Rider, and then at the middle of the eighties in already in Back to the future, his role as a bully came with real bully stories that he lived as that sickly boy he was but know in the other side, he was the creep, that representation of somebody very unpleasant who deliberately does unpleasant things to other people, more that his simply role as that character, the movie showed a perfect image of this american culture, it happens and everybody knows about it and nobody likes people like him, specially when you are trapped in the past as Biff or also, in the future as the same bully but know as the grandson, Griff.
So inmmerse in that bully role, the part of the trilogy also has a previous image of what bullies come from, with Buford Mad Dog, when Back to future is in time of western; I love westerns, Wilson said and also, Cowboys have always been my heroes, then, he acted not exactly in a western but it was what a western shows, and he represented it with him, Mad Dog Tannen is the original evil seed in the Tannen family, boom, confetti.
For the movie, literally is was a hard and focused story of this part of the american culture, Buford is the origin of those later guys called bully, but Buford is much more violent and dangerous, as in the Old West, simply you were able to shoot a man over an inconsequential matter; in order to explain this character of his culture, Wilson in an interview explained, the Tanned family hate the Mcfly because they are honest, a loving family something that Buford and Biff have never been part of.
What their lives represents are frustation, they jus can not win, or in the other hand, the music just do not swell when they are on the screen, they feel down in the dumps because of, basically.
In movie is character constantly in black mood, with his friends he is used to do the bad because they back him up but alone is not as well, so he carry out his misdeeds like this, no matter what happened just come up with a phrase of anger and he turns up againts with his own McFly and never expects that he apologises, if you find someone like, you just do not known whether the bully will just laught at you or if your head has something else that appeared in his imagination to tell you about, bully and his group just suddenly by his own find that in this moment someone has to be part of a previuos judgment, they are certain that they will have no problems when they do it, hysteria.
Late or in daylife, past or present thay act this way, inside or out, it is the same, they just get into the place and do what they think is the best, even it is not, they jsut do not care, so, not for the character but for the actor, this way the big movie with actully people is used to give a smile at him or the one he is now in mind of american people, a character developed from a story in the Reagan era with extralegal situations and trickery that if before we talked about a western moment, also, of course, has suspense with a squad of nameless hoods and Biff, by the way, one of these guys wears a 3D glasses if you think you have seen everything, in this period.
Several years after this movie, being that bad guy surely changed his life, as the icon of the bullies in a science fiction movie of time travel, that easy, but talking about more that just that role it is important that Back to the future represented also a new kind of movies, a big film thinked for cable television, because it was made to watch it, ever, and ever, and ever, oh, look at him, the bully ever, a new impression created for the audience.
Over this new essence in the industry we can say that he formed part of the creation of a new sophisticated audience, the same as we can be from YouTube or the social media, more than just knowning the artists, for example him, as the bully one, and he played that role also and now a girl fan come to him and tell him, You know, you are my childhood, i watched the movie time, and time again.
Not simply being as usual in movies is for Thomas Wilson his actor career, he currently is the voice of Banana on Pig Goat Banana Cricket of Nickelodeon and he has a six episode stint as Coach Ben Friedricks in Freaks and Geeks, actually he loves the Pop art and drawing, he is almost 60 years old, and you can find his visual work on http://www.tomwilsonusa.com/new-collection, his Pop Fuge Collection; by the way, as tanaj says, Do not make image of God, remember this, and do whatever you want to.


About Thosmas WIlson

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Thomas Wilson in Knight Rider

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About technology and Back to the future


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Blessed be he that cometh in the name of the Lord. 118:26 Psalms

Simply the motto of the state of Ohio is, With God, all things are possible, it is taken from a part of a book that is not in the Tanakh, popularly knew as the hebrew bible, in the story of Matthew, and that book is not in the Tanakh because is not the word of the Lord, but is the personal interest who is mentioned, then, without God the existence will not be possible, so that, only one can be blessed, he who came in the name of the Lord, as the Psalms said in the 26th verse, chapter 118.
Throught the story of Ohio, a man who was born in Cincinnati we can see specifically what the Lord’s word shows, and that the word of God is the one who is the law but not the one that comes from a man, so if we are under the influence of what Lord said, we can be sure that, Lord made possible what we dream and it is God who let us that rule, because he is the 1.
Eminent and now a legend of the film industry that man that came from Cincinnati called Steven Spielberg became a key personaje that without him many of the features inside Hollywood, the movie center of the world, it would not be the same, but first, even he was a gifted man that gave specific great moments to this enterteinment industry he was not included, as that book that is not in the Tanakh, in the list of the other gifted people, those who won the Academy Awards, and let’s take a look, let’s justify.
Visionary in his work, he is a pioneer of the special effects and more than one of his best movies shows this quality where we can see relevant techniques that made Hollywood the capital of the fiction because of something that only him could understand in his time and translated it to the cinematographic language, for example, a criature in the sea that nobody can stop or control and also eat humans, it was called Jaws and it was 1975, a complete success, a terror movie also and something totally different knew in his epoch, something that came from the sea.
Epich creator but not guided with what Lord said, the fabulous special effects in a man who grew in divorced family, for him it was hard to be child without a father but was the same power of God who made him growing up through this unfurtunated ephisodes of his young life the same as Matthew proved.
Now, we already know that Spielberg is the main character as production or direction, he has sold more tickets than any other, so why if he produced that money he did not get the Academy Award before, as he himself said, finally when he recieved it, I actually have friends who won this before, but I swear that I have never held it before, and that is exactly what the story of this article is, the Chanukah meaning as part of the life career of Spielberg, in this part, he proved as cruse of pure olive oil that was enought only for one day but by miracle of the Lord, it continued burning eight days, untill new oil was available, word Rabbi.
So, that kid stayed now with the man who still making new movies with technologies never seen before, with outstanding stories not normal as a creature that comes from other world and rides a bycicle, E.T. in 1982, a complete success, but still not being what Lord says, because, is that for real, an alien that is friend of a boy and also can speak our language, where are all those others who speak about, and there was no others because he was also a pioneer in this kind of topics, so he had to wait and still burning with that little bottle of child oil imagination the mind of the holy world audience, E. T.
Producer also and the central mention of Steven Spielberg in this special, he was behind the creators of this next story, in fact, in order to get the main actor that played the role of Marty McFly he had to speak with the producer of Family Ties, the NBC Tv serie were Michael J. Fox worked, and only after doing it, they let Michael be part of one of the best movies ever of all the time, Back to the future; the Spielberg producer was behind the director of that film, Robert Zemeckis who was already a filmaker inmersed in special effects and who came from a previous movie that made 86 million at the box office, Romancing the Stone, in the year of 1984, filmed in Colombia.
In 1994, 12 years after of E.T. was born, Spielberg was part of the creation of the new proyect of Hollywood, DreamWorks building this new studio in the movie world capital since this filming center started, he made it with the support of a Disney producer, Jeffrey Katzenberg and the grunge music manager David Geffen.
Emergency Room came from anothr Michael in the life of Spielberg, Michael Crichton, a novelist that wrote the most famous special effects movie directed by Spielberg, Jurassic Park; he is also a doctor who created another story, ER, the successful tv medical drama for TV by NBC in 1994; it had the suppport of Amblin Entertainment, the same that made E.T. and now part in a experience in television.
Literally inmersed in the mind of that child, if the Oscar came many years later of debut Jaws, E.T. or The color purple, the one who writes this article about Spielbeg shall say, we must look at him as a prophet, not only as the main character of the Hollywood industry but as an american personage that can whow through a movie what happened in life, even if it is a violent and unstoppable creature of the sea that is going to bite you and you simply can not defend yourself from it, so that, he is a prophet, because of most important facts in movie changed by his vision work, fact I.
By his movies we can see that the world capital movie is, during the 70s an incredible boy was breaking it in Southamerica from a team called, Little onions, as we saw in Jaws, fighting against it was simply, useless, from the sea that creature just came to you and take you throught its jaws, his name was Diego Armando Maradona, and world did not know about him, just specialized people from sports who at this young age knew perfectly, this little shark is just a friendly beta fish but already making impact, just something what that was not realistic.
E.T. was the confirmation, what is this creature, the film that preshowed what later came in 1986, the alien Maradona been part as the eternity with the incredible play narrated by Victor Hugo Morales, there Maradona have it, is marked by two, Maradona, Maradona, genious, genious, ta ta ta, Goal, from what planet do you come from, comic kite, as we saw in the soccer World Cup of Mexico 1986; a perfect example of what the profecy was about by the gifted Spielberg in movie filming, E.T. phone number, cosmic kite plugging in.
Ripping somebody off, do not think so, turn the volume up, sit, that Maradona made the goal of the centuary, that was Marty in the DeLorean, unreal, really, you have to believe it, go and see it by your own, hey, taxi, taxi.
Get back to the future, we are already in it, we have just already seen it, cosmic kite, and we are just about eight normal years, 1994 is going on, and this time is the confirmation of this era, from sea, throught the air, and in the earth, we say that alien, and you little kid, did not give up, tic tac, tic tac, tic tac.



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The spaced out Brown, Christopher Lloyd @comcast,


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He made it, he himself pulled down the time barrier, literally, first because of his useful way to give back Marty to his epoch and for resolving a time travel energy problem, thunderbolt instead of plutonium, so that, it was him the Doctor Brown but the one from 1955 with other technology than the original from 1985 that used the nuclear potencial, he made it without having the necessary tool and resolved it from another way, but obviously, after a heavy plan to conect electricity with the DeLorean.

His real name is Christopher Lloyd, and without puting himself on airs, he is now that star as symbol of an era but specially as the science character that made possible his dreams come true with a time machine based on a sport car, the doctor Brown, a cience miracle who proved it taking risk of his own life just before Marty was sent 30 years ago from his time because the lybians arrived with a heavy gun in order to kill the inventor; this is the part not mentioned because the main character of the movie was Marty, and the doctor is someone who has created the time machine where Marty is going to travel, so the problems are more for a guy that is going to be in the past where there is no plutonium to make the DeLorean run as fast as light speed, and the story is going to that point and not to explain what a cientific has to fight, that moment represented exactly while the ignorance or the though barriers that do not belong to the science but to the status quo are showed when the Combi arrived to the Mall in the parking lot, that is the ignorance.

In the other hand, the beggining of the movie, the clocks and the persistence of memory effect, a Daly in moving with the secuence of the many time artefacts the doctor has in his work place where Marty is used to go.

In back to the future, it is 1985, Marty drives the DeLorean and Doc Brown is in the clock where the thunderbolt will happen, the cable he has to conect is needed to transfer the 1.21 GB, that is the conection with the future made by Doc Brown from the 1955; when Marty is taken back to his time he made a noisy arrival and a druken tramp was sleeping overthere, he just said Crazy drunk driver when he woke up.

He started been famous in 1978 when he became member of the american sitcom, Taxi, with the role as Jim Iggy Ignatowski who, now in the 70s has the sixties embodiment with him, basically, we can say, the memory fails when you use a lot of drugs, that was those sixties; this caracther, was talking about his past life, a good student until he ate brownies with marijuana, he was in Harvard, he used to be a genious, those sixties, America was, happy, fifteen years after the world war two ended.

So it was the Lloyd of that sitcom, and he won two Emmy Awards as Outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series 1982 and 1983; before that he tried the Broadway way, he began in the play Red, Whithe and Maddox in 1969 and his first movie was One flew over the cuckoo’s nest trailer in 1975.

It is interesting that both caracthers, the one from his first movie and the one from the sitcom Taxi is about an mind problem, in the movie they are in a psychiatric center and in te sitcom he is a sixties trapped man that used a lot of drugs and it is just one decade later, the seventies; and only like a curious information, that lybians in the Combi against the science experimented man are also an image, the big weapon that follows the Doc Brown in Back to the future represents the bad, the excess, were he was hit by gun shots by an AK but not with the big weapon, just it happened in the scene of the plutonium as the powerful fuel for the DeLorean.

It is also particular the shift from Jim in Taxi that began his drug life with a brownie with marijuana and after, the Doc, whose name is Emmet Brown; his ife in Hollywood began withbig success, his character was not really important but that film won five Oscars and the director was Miloš Forman and the protagonist was Jack Nicholson.

In family, his grandfather Lewis Lapham was founder of Texaco and Roger Lapham Mayor of San Francisco was the brother of her mother; it was New York were he moved to study acting


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Wild gunman, a red and black guitar, the hover board and a teenager wearing the us colors, he is Marty McFly the astronaut sent not to space but to the time travel, what happened to the US and why did he travel to 1955; first it was a mistake that he was taken into this adventure, because he was just a boy who loved skateboarding, playing a west savage gun shot videogame in the 7 eleven and also he loved the music and he was part of a rock band called The Pinheads, his girlfriend was Jenifer Parker.

Basically a normal, hiperactive simple guy from Hill Valley, California who had another hobbie, help the doctor Brown, a cientific knew as the most dangerous and especifically a man who his main study is the time so that we can see why this man called his dog Einstein and why is is physically so similar to the most famous star of the science, Albert Einstein.

The story between both is that Marty only helped him but that was all, when they became more friendly is when the climax of all the trilogy began, the time travel, Marty recorded in video the Doctor’s experiments of 1985 and after the libians found the doctor Martin had to run or die right there so he took the DeLorean and he had to drive it inside of an Supermarket trying to scape the libians that were in a Combi, so he just acelerated until he reached the speed required to travel in time and he himself never decided what moment to visit because he was just driving while the libians were shooting at him.

Already in past is when Marty went to the Doctor Brown of 1955 and he explained him what he has made in future and showed him the videos he has recorded of his experiments, basically, his job was just taking care of the dog and the place, it s important that he was just a teenager, he was not a especialized guy in college or somethinglike that, he just liked the way of the experiments of doctor Brown and that’s why he did that job, but that hobbie recordings began important in that moment, first, because Martin was trapped in the past and the he has to explain to doctor Brown that he created the DeLorean, a sport car time travel machine.

It is important to say something here, if Martin was not a eminent college student of something like a Daria character, for example, he was an excelent skateboarder and played the guitar and as we saw, a very skilled driver so he could use the time machine in a Supermarket parking lot, in the other hand these two men were that perfect example of the count, 32 plus 17 is the fully heart.

This particular light that God freed Jewish people from Mitzrayim; a problem created because there was not enought energy in 1955 to make the DeLorean useful with the elements of that period so that the plutonion required will be impossible to buy and that’s why they read a newspaper were a lightining bolt will be seen that night and the conection finally used by the doctor when the bolt was coming and Marty driving the car waiting for the energy of that lighting bolt, if you do not count each, then is not complete, so finally it was completed and Marty now can use de time machine again without plutonium.

Coming up his real life, he is from Canada and he was already an star of the american sitcom Family ties with the role of Alex P. Keaton, he won three Emmy Awards during his seven seasons, he was 20 and he already was a world star of enterteinment, so after filming Back to the future he became one of the most famous Hollywood stars, one fact, a Ferrari, 21 thousand letters a week and his glory moment, 1985, as Marty Mcfly, and today he can say he has made history in Hollywood as the guy from the future.

Jew and husband of Tracy Pollan, he has 4 sons, we can say that all of these facts made him the big young star of the 80s all around the world, or maybe, The guy.


Wild gunman

a, The town festival, before number one; old gun shot game

b, Johnny B. Goode, number two; the red and black guitar

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The Pinheads

1.21 Gigawatts

The fully heart

Family ties

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