Bear with me,

Face A, Face B

Better knowing that we could agree or not with your mother, for me it is better being in disagree, but not for her caracter it is actually for mine, maybe I just don’t even care more than having my own conception of the world and just because is that part of one when we want to grow up and not just being behind somebody’s idea, bloom.
Each time I saw my mother doing different thing something made me fell what she felt, either or not it was my big thing to follow and one of it was the nature, she was not Greta Tumberg, at all, actually my mom does eat meat and thinks being a vegetarian it is eating rice one day and when duddenly something blow his mind, probably a down feeling of the hunger, she is used to end at the table with the cutlery ready for the mouthful an that’s it, but each one way, so far, based on her conception of the earth when I was a child every sunday or some sunday at the end of the month she and my grandma get possesed by a higher anomalous energy and they were sent over to the loom to take of the earth of the plants they were placed in that area of the house that were too many plants of differents kinds and then the entire place suddenly becamea a big heap of earth and there were a pile of all the plants that seemed to be dead vegetal bodies on the surface in order to be replaced or not in case they had some little bees considered as a intruder plague, that usually were the few, for them it was not only I am going to replace the plants to another container, flower pot, it was aceremony that started a midday ussually after they had their instantaneos coffee and something else as a beans with egg or whatever was on the fridge from the previous day.
Real act as a the act of the plant replacing that liturgy consisted in having a shovel and fliping al the flower pots until you have created a little mountain, really, they were so many that when you are a little child for you that is in inmense pile of earth, so the problem is not creating life placing the plants in new containers but how are you going to water them once that they were in their new places, really, you can be like in the child time, an eternity to irrigate the whole the rooftop, so that was not the issue, but it was going to be carry the water in cuvettes, but in that liturgy neither me, or maybe my mom thought, or even my grandma, that it was the big issue but how to put them back on the places, mixing the earth and putting the pots all long the rooftop, work for all day long.
In other words, the day of the plant in my house, believe or not, that was it, from sun to sun and during those moments several animals you can find, most of them as usual as ants or other very common population of my house, the lizards, what a mania.
Simple, the other insects or i really do not how it is considered in the scheme of the biology, the earthworms, something that years later my mom will have considered as a sacred part of her activities because she decided to have a farm of earthworms in the Nescafe glass containers, bring it on.
Then her new family was inside of a room in the rooftop and some others just stayed in the natural habitat, at least, in that part of the house that was the flower pots, then if I use in twitter catterpillar emoji, then just it is not realated with it, it is just another idea of emoji.
And at the end of the they the last shovel sound were it anounced that all the earth has been placed back in the flower pots.
Inminent the ceremony indicates that eaither the lizards, the earthworms and whatever animal right there can have life will have their house, at least until the next liturgy of the plant, they arise.
New place, new life my grand and my mon have now commited what they planned and they were happy to have some plants and maybe they were already thinking on the next plant day, a new popululation to bear, then, to bear or not to beaR.

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