Just do it @Nike,

Face A, Face B


All time when we decide one purpose for life we place it before something that is going to take us to where we want to go, either for a chnage on our lives or just because, the big benefit it is that we have the opportunity and we really do not need to be somebody in particular, it means that either a young person or an adult can do that, I respect the responsable people who made hardest thing when they were so young but for me, really, there is no way to live more tha when you are teh age you have that means, a child needs to be a child but if that little boy or girl decided to be very responsable in his her own business, alright, that is going to be a way throught the more he tries, or she, the more she or he will learn but regarding that there is nothing before, most probably is that a child is going to be a child, I do not beleive that anybody that have never seen something new just does not answer with a big astonishment when he or she see that because you do not really know that and for you is going to be a big new fact in your life, like Christopher Colon when he arrived to the new earth, it is new, different and after it you will never be the same, other facts is that after discovering a new world you decided to get back to the old place where you lived, but the gardest thing to believe it is that how you should know the coordintes for your roadback there, more than you have it in dreams, and so, being on the road after discovering a new place, who is going to believe you, what you gonna do after that you talk to the people you use to know that they do not know anything about what you have seen or that between the indians there were white people before that Christopher arrieved to America for first time, they will say come on.
Ready to be able to understand you decisition, before, it was the moment when you definitely were going throught those steps, that is a new life, what about in your neighbordhood with your friends when you are no more like a dreamer, or just a son of a family more in the street, I mean, understanding the beggining it is the moment we have the option to create that it is possible, I going to jump that bard, I am going to navigate to other place… I will cruise the sea, nobody will ever tell you that you are in your own, but maybe if you are a captain of a ship you know that on teh road, it is not impossible, maybe it is going to be hard, but in the middle of the XV siecle, come on, that was mad, there was no electricity, you understand, another things that are related with what we know today as the GPS existed but it was as common as a watch, as the compass or follow the movement of the stars, THE STARS, yes, those little points that are in the sky that baed on the studies today that is an image of the past because when our eyes can see the constelation, the distance they are it is "too big" so far away that when the light comes throught our sight that constelation is something that maybe it does not exist anymore because when the proyection came to us, in the place where they are now it happened and here, on the eath we have just what already happened, oh my god, I do think so.
Really, that is the mind, we have the perception, the third aye what tells us where we are, it is when for example we here something, and let take it as something told by somebody else, when you say, What? you said it so not because the meaning of a sentence that was told to you you did not understand it, you said what because after you heard what that other mention it generated someting in you, and basically, you did understand, you did, because you are capable of undertanding at least a person who lives in the same country, speaks the same language and also is for example your patner at the school and every day you talk to him or her and viceversa so that oh, have you ever seen that before, What? that is going to be a high sense message stright to your mind, for remember a suddenly epic letter.
Or getting into the same purpose of a thought, let’s get into it, you there, is your energy the one that is living during that mental image, a power of navigation that has no matter, or it is considered as something like that because of the common sense, we can touch but we can feel but it is not the same kind of feeling touching than feeling… and let me tell you that it works for everything, you can have the cold air touching you skin but feeling a sense that only can sent you over to a particular sensation so that, the cold is going to be less that the sense that is generating in your mind it is cold but if you are being taking mentally to a higher vibrational place you do not care and after a few moments besides is you are moving or if you are just doing exercise then that is what you will think, ok, who is that I was under cero and I had no cold or maybe I was shivering but come on, I waited there, why, there were only one option, something else let me do that, even my perception or a wish sense of feeling, because the common sense is logic, usual, if it is cold I will be shivering, them if I shiver I will be frozen, igloo club.
You know the frase either, Just do it, it is about action, but on it it is a little bit more, because you are avoiding the fact that you are going to do it, and the reason it is that I am on it, let’s get into it, let’s do it, it is an action, you can not see that you just do it, dude.
On a dream the things happend, on a dream you see, you feel but it is like the stars, you will see something that happened and that in other time it just does not exists anymore, so that to your mind it comes and you live it as if happening hat why when in dreams something happens, it just occurs, …well.

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