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Unadvertevely i had lived some instances that sent me over to situation to overcome, my grandma took care of giving me things that I still remember as a little car when I was really young, or a bike that I had when nobody of the other child had, she was really nice, she does not have money and now I can see that probably it was a very expensive gift for her grandson in that moment, today I have bought three four bikes by myself and one of them is made by an alloy that made it lighter than the aluminum, and another that I just got it just because it looks like cool and one more because is made for the mountains.
Simply I just took my bike and and really do not know how my grandma let me do that when I was in elementary school, I just ask to her to go for the tortillas just to be able to get off of my house and ride it, but now I really do not why I never was that kind of kid that told her mom that I might be in one place or going for something and took the money for candies or a coke, never, at least with my grandma, she gave the money for the tortillas or for the "comanded" and I always delivered, the truth was that she really loved cooking and she made it really nice, so that taking the money for the tortillas meant exactly that there will be no grandma feeding and for my stomach and for me it jus did not work because, one, maybe the money for the tortillas it was not very much… or sometimes yes because she probably gave me more than for one kg, she gave me the bill but I insist, as Carlos Reynoso said, do what your heart tells you and I always was really happy riding my bike and eating my grandma food, in fact, I had two shots in one, I will be acomplish my mission to have a quick trip and then I will be having my meal.
And so, there was some other facts that changed my activities as the videogames, maybe because I was influenced by the same technology, but come on, it was like the mission more than any other thing and in that moment just enjoying the, "little machines" that was the name of the video games for coins, it was cheap, it was fun and in my house there was a place where there were many of them, regarding that fact that doing what your heart tell you is like giving a kid a candy but considered it like a drug for a teenager almost adult, damn, it is on the border of the limit because you can be sure that it is just for fun and actually when you play it if you are not a genious or a compromised young athlete most probably you found the Wonderland between the empire of the Street Fighter, if you liked it, I never too much or The Simpsons where in the last land you get an UFO before fighting the last boss and you get inmersed into it because you are lossing health, on the game, before dying and you hit the enemy and pass to the next level, damn is like sweating the last drop in a competition.
In the other hand I have never had the problem that my mom took me out from the little machines, because in that case I was carefully to say that maybe I will be doing something else, but nothing that linked the benefit of bringing something to the rest of the other member of the family, if I was going to be at the little machines it was going to be for my own business and always god appeared right there because besides the butterfly in the stomach playing the game of your dreams, damn, that was amazing, I was taken by the possibility of the other side, at the end of the game you win, you end the game, you know the final, that is teh purpose, and if the game is not really something better than the game you played, most probably you will never feel the same and you are in a little dream among many others that are into it, it is your place, like an skate park for the skater or the big mountain for the biker or the circuit for the circuit for the runner, or the photoshop for the designer, or the final cut for the editor, it is just it, the final cut, the Olympus of everything where you can go ahead and create what is not created, the magic went throught, the summun, at least if you know how it works.
Nevertheless during that moment always there was that other world that took me out of that new dream, probably the adventure in real life, but let me tell you that the life t videogames is the most amazing thing or creating a video where you can be until the dawn and just refreshing, charging… or in the lexic of the editor, render it; but that is othersak flour, as a song says, the life sent you over to another place and this is how your dreams take you out from where you are, believe it or not because you are dreaming and dreams come throught, so in my land of the dreams in the video games center the spouse of the owner, that she used to smoke one and whe was sitting behind a window with the protection of the mirror sight so she can she from the inside but you can not see throught it because you are outside she told me withut personally meeting me, Hey guy, could you please bring me one toothpaste, the little one, and she gave me a 20 pesos bill, she I just bought a Colgate in the pharmacy that was just one block from the wonderland video game and went I came back she really did not believe that, oh come on, I saw her sight, with compassion and I felt she like me, good boy.

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