The name I have,

Face A, Face B


Let me know my name, could you please tell me, sacred Universe what my name is, is there any posibility to know right now what is my Cosmic name, that words that defines me, please I wanna know, just tell me because images and knowledge is in my mind that maybe during my existance I probably forget where I come from and I just came here thinking what I commit to and then when times keeps rolling by I was just that other who grow up because in the life you need to be who you want to but you have a name that was given to you because you are going to stay here just a little while but your spirit lives that’s you, yourself.
Endless, nameless, right here, right now everybody has been named by what your parents decided an event that reminds theirselves something or just being junior, oh thanks god that my case was not, but I respecto other people who loves being the little name, but in my case I really do not chose my own name for my son, whatever, he will live his life but I have decided that and that is a hard decisition because when you grow up you know that maybe do the right all the time is not what you need to do, but do not think to hurt somebody maybe about some facts as do not all to everyone because some times is better keep the mouth close but it does not matter for those people who just use their mouth because they can prononce something when they are really saying whatever… and you know what is whatever, it is like the Universe… say whatever is so simple and at the same time it is just, and this is what I meant about knowing my own name, I know that oficially I was put a name by my parents but in the time you know that more than being a son is being a human, that you exist that you can do other things than what your parents told you because all what you do is what your parents told you and that is exactly what I’m telling you about the belief of doing the right all time, because they punish you when you do something bad, I you grow up and you understand that it is better not telling everything to your parents because, eh, what, did you do all of that last weekend, Oh my God, I will enever ever give you money for that, you understand… then you know that you can earn your own business, but if you prefer not being related with having a boss when you are young, man o man, it is better saying "the truth" to them and they punish you with their sight but you can be shakesperiane actor and asume that yes, it was my fault, mom, I will never do it again, believe me.
But there are things that more than your parents explained to you if you do not do that, it s just common sense, I respect all that people who prefered having a family when they were young and they had no money for, that is part of the life, grow up, live, and in this case understanding than life goes, maybe they have got their freedom from their issues, because they do not belong to a rich family that being teenager and just because the eat the cake before the party started now their life needs to do a change, hey hello, they are letting somebody else arriving to the earth, he or she will have his her own thought and wishes and maybe he o she will forget his own Cosmic name…
Really, I did not mean anything more that the life it is just that part that a human can be, as the universe, be everything you want, whate ver your heart give you the most satisfaction, whatever you hapiness is, and if for you being a rebeld is good, well, just remeber that there are always opposites, that’s why Newton became famous but I think that more that physics there is a huge difference defeating the negative, the apaty, the being nothing because you just do not give a…
On the lapse that we live there are things that change depending what you are looking, for example, you should have your own goal, and that’s the way you are moving, it s hard to believe that you come here to do whatever you want and sometimes you just do not do anything, for example, have you ever heard And the jungle just opened at my feet, this is part of things when the universe sent you the answer of the things that you forget living here, but if it happens it is because you looked for it or maybe you were chosen, you were the one because they know how to do it, the universe.
Nevertheless when you are in your way you understand that you need to give something to change, your thoughts are what you move for and most of the times you are not quite concient but the fact of what you have been doing is what your dreams talk about, what do you need to do when you are on the road, you need to be very perceptive to realize that the force is with you, you are never alone, if you feel you are is like thinking that the humans are the only beings in the universe, the thoughts, the mind, the conexion with what you want and how you figth for it if there is a need to, well I have had the case in my own body, the hardest the road the greatest is the help because the universe heard you, I saw you there and you helped me but I just understood what I need to do and I made it by myself you did not do anything but I understood that I needed to do that and finally maybe I just knew that but for moments maybe it was just part of the road, but it was better being with your presence, I saw you several times, really and you knew I did.

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