The jump,

Face A, Face B


I met a guy who was an skateborder an that in his free time he liked to be at an special skate park where you had to pay because there were many wood vert ramps, sudenly after that he told me that he just left the job and it was fun because when was there, nobody was friend of mine, in fact, nobody.
After a few weeks he appeared in dreams I have never been a real skateborder I just used to ride it just for fun when I was invited by a friend who was but my real passion was the skates, i never tried the agressive just the normal for go around and have fun.
The guy I met decided to travel to South America and he was going to do it at his skateboard, man, you crazy I thought but he told me something that after trying too many times a trick you must probably do it as it as normal, and I thought at those skateborders who jump from house to house in their neighbords, man, come on is one floor are you mad, and they do it and fall and then wake up and try it no mather what again.
Damn, most probably it is a question of everything that when you are going to do it you are not think in falling down, of course not!, you are junoing from one roof to another and there is one meter of distance that separates yourself from the nothing and if you think in the nothing you are not on the other side… you just do not have the time.
And he remembered something else from his special friend, we do not take the time as you are use to, we have the things, the events that have hapened during our existance as the part of our existance.
You know, is the same as an skate boarder… for him the time is not the same than for the one who is watching, and maybe Einstein sounds familiar, the perspective, but I really do not mean that, this is it, for anybody who is just doing nothing, one hour should be, 60 minutes… wow but for the skateborder one hour is a lot of time, because in one hour could happen everything, so that, during that process… from the watch that change for example from 6 am to 7 am it is he is going to try jumping 10 or 15 times being sucessfull or not, but at least if he falls, that’s something dangerous, but if who knows moreless about kjumping and falling down, control the skateboard it is going to be that the moment when he successfully jumps from one roof to the other is that event that Semjase explained to Billy Meier… we do not take the time as you, for us the importance is the events that happened and the skateboarder got the jump that day, and it does not matter if it was in one hour, he could brek the gravity and put his full body in the air for a distance and he ha sgot the other side that any other person needs to go down the stairs open the front doors, crusing the street and wait until the other neighbor open the door, going upstairs and be just right there where he has got just by a jump, that’s the difference, so for him the time happened absolutely different than for the other that was just passing the time.
During that mental process is the evidence about the message of Semjase where she todl Billy about the power of the thoughts, and that basically that’s how they can be taken to the hiperspace and then he was jus told by his own subconcient about the Pascua island and the big heads that they were put right there so many years ago were there was no caterpillar, you know what I mean, and there no one or two, there are a lot of them and somebody says that the chief of the clan n that moment had the mental power to move it, make it elevate and place it from where it was originally to that part where today they rest, oh man, that’s amazing and you know where is the Pascua island… is in the Polinesia in the middle of nothing so there are stories taken as the other… like the underground music that it is for example an urban legend that exist and for that example it is just the same skatebording, New York and the graffity, the day that I made a holy, a 360 a 1080 the day I met Tony Hawk can you see this it is not time is a mental process that a jump can rest the rest of his life, one simple jump can change everything.
So many times I have made things without thinking but during the experience is when you know that is better not like, come on, in the middle of the class say that the teacher is a dumb, ok, maybe it is right, but either some folks care, that class is not important for you, maybe the skater is not going to do a jump in the class becuase is chemestry and the probet has nothing to see with the vert ramp, maybe you can know that drinking many red bulls after a few tricks can drive you crazy and so there you go that is just that the chemestry is not your goal on life and will never ever be because when the whiteboard is showing the conexion between two components you do not care at all and you just care about that element that has no life in the earth but that sometime it just appeared… and then the time is over, no more high school chemestry class because you are going to Saint Mary Saint Vincent basket ball court to see how LeBron James is playing amazin, with a fantastic showtime and he blocks, and he dribble and he shots oh man, how many people in one little court to see that guy from Ohio, really.
And then after assisting at that game you will know that that’s just the beggining and that you were talking to him maybe one day in class before we was going to travel to another state to play a game and that’s just another Semjase fact, your time there was taken from the time that LeBron played at that court because you undertand that the little Saint Vincent was never popular in basketball until he arrived there… and a few years later, man o man, he is the basket ball player of the decade 2010 2020, can you believe that, maybe, he was always making the team going foward and there you go, so many points, assistance and it was just a few moments after you talked to him in the high school.
And LeBron James was named the sportman of the decade.

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