Zapata Vela Pilares Opening @ClaudiaShein,

Here in Iztacalco and we are working hand to hand, with the goverment of the president Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, how beauty it sounds, right, by the way, next Monday he will present his inform, and although it does not appear as it passed, next monday it will be one year of the historical election of the 2018, so we are going to be hand to hand, the federal goverment, the Mexico City goverment, the mayoralty goverment and as example, the federal govermnt gives scholarship for the elders, and that elders are something we take care of because we are working for their wellness cards, also the programs with disabilities the federal goverment gives the scholarship to all the youngers that study high school for 800 pesos montly, and us from this scholar cycle, we are going to give another scholarship to all the children of elementary and middle school of 330 montly pesos, we are going to convert the Talent children program in universal, so it is a few money but it is enough for everybody, so here is all with tail or all tailless, because they are rights, and as you see we are working hand to hand, and we made the cendis fro free when we arrived to the goverment and then the new goverment is going to build the new cendi, here, in Zapata Vela, so it is a work all together and I say so, because you know that the goverment of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has a program that is called Youngers building the future, where it gives support to youngers that want to work and that want to be leaners, they get incribed in a plataform, they get a job, they are 45000 youngers in private companies or in the goverments with a support of the federal goverment of 3400 montly pesos.
But for us is not only required money support, it is also enlarging the rights to everyone, a right is an education right, and another is the right of the health and another is the right of the housing and for us also, the sport is a right, the cultur eis a right, and for it are those community centers, Pilares they are called, Points of Innovation, Freedom, Art and Knowledge, so here in Iztacalco, this one is the third and this year we are going to build 10, and what do we find here, well we find pc and free internet, but also there are teachers, so we can have a ciber school, and what for is this ciberschool, well if we have not finished the elementary, the middle of the high school, we can do it as well as high school, also technique carrers, this is disctance education, but a lot of times we are in front of the computer and we really do not know how to approve the examns, that’s why we have teachers so they can help out the people in order to have a personalized education, so far everybody can finish his her studies if he does not have it, and if we are youngers from 15 and 23 years old and we want to study the high school here because it has not finished, they will have access to the scholarship, not only in the formal schools but also here in Pilares, just you need demonstrate that you assist normally, so it has a ciber school, and what else, there are artistic workshops, for exmaple it is silk screen printing, embroidery, cardboard, classic guittar, theathre, dance either folkloric or regional, sing and chorus and build you own drum, all of these workshops with its schedules so you can get inscribed.
What else we will have, we called workshops for the economic autonomy, we will see code school, so you can learn how to program, those people who like the pc, serigrafy, electricity in order to learn electrical technician, digital electronics, jewelry, plumbing, and some other workshops in order to learn, and after when this workshop ends, the goverment of the city will support them if they want to do a cooperative you can get a credit with a very low interest rate or an straight support to the cooperative so you can get assitance to the familiar economy, and besides it, we have the sports activity, here and in all the city there is a program called, Stay Alert so in the Sporting next together with the fields that improved Armando Quintero, or the box that you have here, let’s give a clap because here we have produced excelent boxers and other sport activities that can be developed since the children until the adult.
Everything is absolutely for free, nothing is for paid, this is an space for everybody, female soccer, Rodrigo, but also I am going to teel you something, this program Stay Alert is forming teams, and we want to invite you in order that you participate in the Community Olympic of Mexico City so you can get inscribed in the portal and right there you can apply for several sports, it is ging to be for children from 7 years old until the veterans, who wants to apply for it, first we will have the eliminatories here in Iztacalco and after it is going to be aginst other mayoralties, until we reach the final and the final for example of the beisbol is going to be played at the red devils state, and the final of the soccer in the Olynpic Stadium of University City, and the basketball and othr activities here the the sport City at the Sports Palace, so far it is going to be as the Olympics, the Olympic Comitee did let us use that name, Community Olimpics of Mexico City, and they are the first Community Olympic of the world here in Mexico City.
And why are we doing that, because we are covinced that besides improvemet the police, the vigilance, or giving more patrols, improve with the National GUard that is going to watch out in the borders of the city and besides it the most important is attending the causes, because the jails are all full of youngers, the catches that the police make are mainly youngers, and we can not think that for a lot of youngers its only option is the jail or the younger communities, we have to offer rights, we have to offer opportunities and those rights in order that they can leave the crime are culture, education, sport and job, and I mentioned it in campaign and I stil holding it, One sportman more is one delinquent less, one artist more is one delinquent less so we are not going to get tired investing in culture or sports and in opportunities so the youngers have a life where they can grow up with future so far for it they are the Pilares.
MOreover we are increasing the connectivity in all the city so you do not have to contract plans and you can get connected for free by the phone, so each post of the C5, in this moment there are 5 thousand and we will reach 10 thousand, they are a free conexion to Wifi, so just get next to it and it is a faster conexion of 20 Megabytes, and here, if you take off you mobile you will see, you can connect to our Wifi for free, so far if you want to use the WIfi, just get into Pilares and you will be able to access for free, there is no limits, since the social media until the Whatsapp messages, whatever you needs by the phone.
So far it’s been a pleasure being with you, it’s a pleasure come to Iztacalco and this Pilares is for all of you thank you so much Armando and God bless you.







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